ZNN 5,000
QSR 50,000
USD 16,889.50
Quorum reached
22 Yes 7 No 3 Abstain
Open-source Bridge dApp w/ Syrius & Extension support + Affiliate & Public Node Program integrations
ZNN 5,000
QSR 7,000
USD 5,813.00
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29 Yes 0 No 3 Abstain
The Wallet API is a cross-platform solution designed to interface with the Zenon Alphanet and to facilitate CEX integrations


ZNN 5,000
QSR 50,000
USD 11,171.00
Quorum reached
33 Yes 0 No 0 Abstain
A global continuation of the Zenon-sponsored Network State Event Series
ZNN 10
QSR 100
USD 26.78
Quorum not reached
3 Yes 13 No 9 Abstain
I propose a temporary rebrand of Zenon to ZIF in order to capitalize on the recent WIF hype. Zenon will be the first L1 to embrace the hat and the market won't be able to resist aping this iconic combination of tech and meme.